FREGATE ENERGY designs, manufactures, installs and provides maintenance of equipment intended to secure the treatment of nuclear end process products.

FREGATE ENERGIE is specialised in provision of vast range of maintenance services: regular servicing, repair etc.

FREGATE ENERGIE supports the development of its customers’ processes, by offering and designing industrial solutions in the fields that require high operational reliability and security of infrastructures.


FREGATE ENERGIE is looking forward to develop long term relationships with its customers though the development of equipment in compliance with technical requirements, the improvement of capacity to ensure preventive and corrective maintenance on operation sites.
It works along with its customers on a daily basis to manage operational constraints through a greater sense of service and in particular, its high reactivity.

Until 2015, FREGATE ENERGIE was known as EFIMEC Company. Today it belongs to GROUPE FREGATE, which also includes 2 sister companies: EFITAM and MAPE RGA.

Today FREGATE ENERGIE is composed of 25 employees and operates in workshop of 700m2, located on the production site of its sister plant, EFITAM and its 6000m2.
EFITAM is specialized in fine sheetmetal working and manufacturing of metallic sub-assemblies, in particular for aeronautics industry.
FREGATE ENERGIE thus benefits from shared central services, logistics and high technical expertise in metalworking.

FREGATE ENERGIE team consists of:
Engineering, Project Management and Purchasing teams, taking advantage of rich industrial zone of Rhone Alpes Region.
The team is completed by technicians specialized in assembly, equipment set – ups as well as technical interferences on customers’ sites. The development of local agencies contributes to increase our responsiveness.

FREGATE ENERGIE is reinforced to deal with constraints of strongly controlled technical environments.
Its staff is trained and qualified to intervene ensuring the best conditions for safety and radiation protection. Reducing the exposure of our staff and our customers is at the heart of our concerns. Respect for the company’s radiation protection policy is attested by the agreement CEFRI.